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High-pressure fan characteristics

 High pressure centrifugal fan refers to the fan whose wind pressure is 30kPa~200KPa or compression ratio e=1.3~3 under design conditions. High pressure blower, also called high pressure blower.


Working principle When the impeller rotates, due to the action of centrifugal force, the wind vane prompts the gas to move forward and outward, thus forming a series of helical motions. The air between the impeller blades rotates in a spiral shape and squeezes the gas outside the pump body into the side groove (inhaled by the suction port). When it enters the side channel, the gas is compressed and then returns to the impeller blades to accelerate rotation again. As the air passes through the impeller and side grooves along a spiral track, each impeller plate increases the degree of compression and acceleration. As the rotation progresses, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, further increasing the pressure of the gas passing through the side channel. When the air reaches the connection point between the side groove and the discharge flange, the gas is extruded from the blade and discharged from the pump body through the outlet muffler.


Usage When the high pressure fan is running, the current consumed by the motor will increase with the increase of pressure and vacuum degree. If the current is too large, the contactor will jump off. To prevent the jump off or save power, please increase the cross-sectional area of the outlet as much as possible, or install the air pressure and air volume regulating valve on the suction or exhaust side. 

1. The total cross-sectional area of the air outlet shall be greater than 1/2 of the cross-sectional area of the fan outlet.

2. If it is used for air injection in water, the water depth pressure should be less than 70% of the maximum static pressure value marked on the model catalog.

3. When pressurized air is pumped, it is normal for the outlet temperature to be greater than 10 degrees Celsius due to air friction, so iron pipe should be used for more than 1M. B. For air suction - the total cross-sectional area of the muffler suction hole at the outlet shall be greater than 1/2 of the cross-sectional area of the blower inlet. C. Simple cleaning method of the filter: unscrew the rotation joint of the filter and remove the dirt or dust on the filter screen with an air spray gun or brush. After cleaning, turn it back to use



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