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Cause of wear of tunnel fan?

 1. Fan dust wear: A large number of fine dust in the working process of the fan accumulates for a long time, which will cause damage to the fan bearing, blades and motor. Because of the small particle size and many kinds of dust, many dust can not be useful to remove, simple damage fan wearing parts. Together, in order to control the cost, the ventilation effect of the forward fan and the use of the fan dust collector, some mining fan use devices will seriously damage the fan and increase the risk of fan wear and failure.


2. Unreasonable fan working conditions: different fan and situation Settings are required to get used to different orientation and function Settings, but there are differences between planning and practice. The difference of function and demand leads to the problem of fan selection, which simply constitutes the problem of fan overload and fan wear aggravation.


3, mining fan working speed is too fast: working speed is another important reason for fan wear. According to the analysis of the fan wear data, the wear degree is related to the fan working speed. At high temperature, the fan's working speed advances twice, and the wear increases three times.

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