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The main characteristics of explosion -proof motors

 Explosion-proof motors

Its characteristics are:

(1) Meeting the requirements of the Zeng'an explosion -proof motor, and adopting a series of measures to prevent sparks, arcs and high -temperature high temperatures, which can run safely in the dangerous places in districts 2.

(2) Using brush -free excitation, set up rotating stream disks and static excitation cabinets, the excitation control system is reliable; the rotten rotation is accurate and no impact; The discharge resistance is not heated at work; the regulation range of the excitation current is wide.

(3) Synchronous machines, AC excitation machines and rotating coaxial axes. The rectifier is located between the main motor and the excitation machine, or outside the bearing seat.

(4) The shell protection level is IP54.

(5) The F -level insulation is adopted, and Wen Sheng is evaluated according to the B level B.

(6) Change the traditional lower water to the upper water cooling, that is, the water cooler is placed on the upper part of the motor.

(7) Set up an increased moisture -proof heater and fix it in the bottom of the motor.

(8) Select high -quality raw materials. Electrical and mechanical computing remains large, which can meet the temperature requirements of operating reliability and the temperature of an increase of safety motors.

(9) Set up comprehensive monitoring measures; the main wiring box is set in an increased safety current transformer used for differential protection; the tincture winding work and spare platinum heat resistance, the score number is PT100; Instrument, monitor the leakage of the water cooler; the seat -style sliding bearings at both ends are set on the on -site temperature display instrument and remote signal terminal.

3. Positive pressure motor is a type of positive electrical equipment.

Its structural characteristics are:

(1) Configuration has a complete ventilation system, and there is no dead ends of structures that may affect ventilation inside the motor.

(2) The shell and pipeline are made of non -combustible materials and have sufficient mechanical strength.

(3) The shell and the main pipeline maintain a large positive pressure compared to the external atmosphere.

(4) The motor must have a safety protection device (such as time relay and traffic monitor) to ensure sufficient air changes, and there must be automatic protection or alarm device with air pressure in the shell.

(5) The fast opening or cap on the shell must have a device with a power supply.

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