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What are the measures of centrifugal fan wear prevention?

 In industrial production, the efficacy of centrifugal fans is very key, but in a complex working environment, centrifugal fans inevitably suffer from wear and tear because of the dust in the cyclone. What are the anti-wear countermeasures of centrifugal fans?

1. surface spray coating wear resistance: this kind of method is relatively proposed, the actual operation is simple, the cost is not high, but the coating wear rapidly, about 3-5 months to carry out the surface wear resistance coating spray.

2. improve the blade structure: according to the blade structure update to reduce wear, such as the blade work table production and processing into serrated, change the hollow blade into solid core blade, blade welding anti-wear block and so on.

3. external anti-wear cascade: after the installation of anti-wear cascade in easy wear, it can block the flow of particles in the front disk and blade root, and then convert the centralized wear of particles into symmetrical wear, improve the wear resistance of the centrifugal impeller, and increase the service life of the centrifugal fan.

4. the application of high efficiency dust removal device: the dust in the centrifugal fan software environment will also aggravate the wear of the centrifugal fan. It is proposed to choose the dust removal device and purify the centrifugal fan office environment to reduce the wear of the centrifugal fan.

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