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How to set PLC control cabinet correctly?

 How to set up PLC control cabinet correctly? In order to ensure the reliable safety of the system, the natural environment of the setting site should be fully mastered before the system design scheme, and then the system should be built. From the source, the ground stress (ambient temperature, ambient humidity, vibration, impact, corrosive substances, overvoltage, noise, etc.) of the PLC system will be reduced as much as possible. However, the extent to which preventive measures are implemented needs to be determined under the premise of taking into account the influence of common failures and the setting of the natural environment and the cost of preventive measures. Preventive measures implemented in advance can improve the stability of the system and increase the long-term operation rate. PLC control cabinet can carry out equipment intelligent and whole process mechanical automation, complete the network function, stable quality, scalability, strong anti-interference and other advantages, is the key to industrialization and life. PLC control cabinet, inverter cabinet and so on can also be designed according to customer needs to meet user requirements, and can be matched with industrial touch screen to touch the display screen, so as to easily control the goal. The machine can transmit data with the communication protocol such as modbus and profibus. Industrial control computer, Ethernet interface, etc. to achieve control and supervision. But about PLC control cabinet Settings can be more or less, usually according to customer requirements. But the following aspects of plc control cabinet Settings must be some. 1, Power supply: DC 24V, single-phase AC 220v, (-10%, +15%), 50HZ. 2. Waterproof grade: IP41 or IP20. 3, natural conditions: working temperature at 0℃-55℃, avoid direct sunlight at the same time; The air humidity in the air should be less than 85%(no condensation). Avoid strong vibration sources, and avoid frequent or continuous vibration of 10-55HZ. Prevent corrosive and flammable gases. How to design PLC intelligent control cabinet? PLC intelligent control cabinet is to install the PLC control module in the metal cabinet in accordance with the design drawing, and connect the line, test and plug in, to ensure the smooth of each loop. After assembling the control cabinet on site, program the system on the spot, so as to achieve the effect of intelligent control system key equipment. plc intelligent electrical control cabinet is similar, but there are differences in the design and configuration of the cabinet. (1) The complex structure and heavy power equipment is installed under the installation plate, and the installation project of the ironing equipment is above or behind the plc intelligent control cabinet. The reasonable layout is conducive to transportation, to avoid falling parts caused by the force, and to the heat removal in the control cabinet. (2) strong current and weak current must be separated from each other to avoid influence. (3) The setting site of electrical equipment parts of the project should be maintained and checked regularly. As the manufacturer of PLC intelligent control system disk, the professional and technical staff of Huaputuo should fully consider the customers' on-site operation process staff when designing, and meet the needs of ergonomics. (4) The internal components of the disk of PLC intelligent control system are configured with safety gaps, beautiful and generous symmetry, and the spacing of household appliances in rows is moderately expanded when groove wiring, and the routing number of the access line is marked in a certain order.


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