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Advantages of jet fan.

 The role and advantages of jet fan:
1. The jet fan commonly used in the tunnel is a high-power industrial ventilation fan, which is used to make the air flow in the tunnel, discharge the automobile exhaust, flow into the fresh air, dilute the automobile exhaust in the tunnel and reduce damage. 

2. In the event of a fire in the jet fan, these fans can be opened according to the opposite side of the fire point, reducing the air flow and slowly increasing the fire, with enough time for everyone to evacuate. 

3. Jet fan is mainly used for discharge in tunnel construction. Due to the use of explosion and internal combustion engine, harmful gas is released during the excavation of strata, which is an important condition for providing a good construction environment for tunnel construction, maintaining the health of operators, ensuring normal and smooth construction, improving work efficiency and ensuring project quality.

Reversible switching time of tunnel jet fan is very important in emergency. The SDS(R) reversible fans have both electronic and mechanical switching modes, which can realize fast switching in a short time.

1. High temperature resistant operation.After high temperature test, the series of fans can operate at 280℃ or higher temperature for more than 30 minutes without damage, in line with the mandatory fire and smoke standards. Every day before leaving the factory, the fans have to go through a series of tests to ensure the normal operation of the fans.

2. The muffler length is optional.When a fan is used in a tunnel, a muffler is usually installed at the inlet and outlet of the fan due to the small space and relatively high noise. Muffler length can be divided into primary diameter length and secondary diameter length according to the need, for higher requirements of muffler can choose the secondary diameter length.

3. Survey services.In order to ensure the effect of the fan, we will go to the site for installation and measurement. Is the service, is the pursuit of quality.

Tunnel jet fan is a special axial fan, which is mainly used in the longitudinal ventilation system of highway, railway, subway and other tunnels to provide all the thrust.It can also be used in semi-transverse ventilation systems or sensitive parts in transverse ventilation systems, such as tunnel entrances and exits, to induce airflow or expel smoke.

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