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Features of ventilator


1. Because the impeller works in the gas, it does not need to be lubricated, and the excreted gases are not oily. It is the source of industrial ideals such as chemical industry, food and other industries.


2. The ventilator is a fan of the volume operation. During use, as the pressure changes, the flow fluctuates very small. But traffic changes with the speed. Therefore, the selection of pressure services is very wide, and the traffic selection can meet the needs by selecting the speed.


3. The speed of the ventilator is higher, the interval between rotor and rotor, rotor, and gas is small, so leakage is less and the volume efficiency is higher. Our factory has strong processing and assembly techniques, which can ensure that the gap is reasonable and uniform, and achieve high volume efficiency, and will not cause friction due to thermal expansion of the gas.


4. The structure of the ventilator determines that the losses of mechanical friction are very small. Because only bearing and gear have mechanical contact with gear, rotor, shell and gear ring have sufficient mechanical strength. Operating safe and long life is the main characteristics of fan products.


Ventures fan, exhaust fan, industrial ventilation fan, boiler infiltration fan, mining fan, etc. Fans are widely used in tunnels, underground garages, civilian buildings, metallurgy, factory and other places to ventilate and fire high temperature smoke. According to different uses, commonly used fans can be divided into centrifugal compressor, power station fan, ordinary centrifugal fan, ordinary axis flow fan, Roots fan, sewage treatment fan, high -temperature fan type. According to the different uses, the ore fan can be divided into: main fan, auxiliary fan and national fan. The main fan is used for the ventilation of the entire mine, the auxiliary fan is adjusted for a branches of a branches of the ventilation network, and the ventilation fan is used for the ventilation of the local location, which can be divided according to the principle. It can be divided into centrifugal fan and shaft circulation fan. The above introduction is the characteristics of a ventilator.

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