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What is the relationship between centrifugal fan impeller and working efficiency?

    The so-called centrifugal fan is only a form of fan. The reason why it can improve so much in power is largely due to the impeller of this fan. The so-called impeller is the fan blade that we usually see. Many people one-sided think that the efficiency of the fan is improved because its speed is relatively fast. Indeed, the efficiency of the fan is directly related to the speed of the fan.
    But the impeller is a relatively energy-saving measure that can ensure that it uses the same amount of electricity while improving efficiency. The impeller can improve the efficiency of centrifugal fan has two advantages, one is the diameter of the impeller, the other is the tilt degree of the impeller.
    If the diameter of the impeller is relatively large, it is also said that the centrifugal fan model is large enough. Then the power will be effectively improved, which is why the fan with relatively large power is relatively large in volume.

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