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Under what circumstances can the use of centrifugal fans be stopped in an emergency?

      Centrifugal fans are used in many industrial fields, but many users may not be able to operate them correctly during the use of the equipment. Sometimes, due to improper use or other failures, the equipment has to be stopped in an emergency. Mastering the situation of emergency shutdown can allow everyone to shut down the equipment in time to avoid the expansion of faults. Under what circumstances can the equipment be stopped in an emergency? Let’s find out more about it.

      1. During the use of the equipment, when there is a sudden strong vibration, it can be stopped in an emergency. Generally, when the vibration of the equipment is relatively severe, its trip value has exceeded the range required by itself. In order to avoid continuous damage to the equipment, shorten the life of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to shut down the equipment in time. After troubleshooting, restart.

       2. In the process of using the equipment, if you hear any abnormal friction sound inside the equipment, you can also stop using the equipment urgently. Is it normal for the equipment to make running sounds during operation, but if you find abnormal scratching sounds or strong vibration sounds, you need to pay attention to it. It may be that the bearings or some parts are damaged. If you let the equipment continue to work at this time, then It will cause great damage to the equipment.

        3. During use, if you find that the equipment is smoking, you should know that this situation is serious, and you should stop using the equipment in time. Once the equipment is not turned off in time, it may cause serious consequences such as explosion and fire. Generally, if this happens, a new equipment needs to be replaced.
In the process of using the centrifugal fan, if the equipment encounters severe vibration, abnormal noise, smoke, etc., it should be stopped urgently. Do not operate the device again until the fault has been rectified. In normal times, if the equipment needs to be closed under normal operation, the conventional closing method should be used.

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