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Structure and working principle of centrifugal fan

1.Structure of centrifugal fan: centrifugal fan is mainly composed of motor, impeller, volute, air intake box, air inlet, diffuser, wind guide, shaft and bearing and other components, wherein the wind wheel is composed of blade, front disk, rear disk and hub.

2. Working principle of centrifugal fan:When the wind wheel of the fan is rotated by the warp shaft of the motor, the gas filled between the blades rotates at a high speed under the push of the blades, so that the gas obtains a lot of energy. Under the action of high inertia force, the gas is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller. After the pressure energy and kinetic energy of the gas increase, it flows out of the cochlear shell, and the middle of the impeller forms negative pressure. It is replenished by a steady stream of gas drawn in under atmospheric pressure.

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