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The problem of centrifugal fan maintenance

 Centrifugal ventilator is a machine that compresses and transports gas. From a energy perspective, it is a machine that converts the mechanical energy of the original motivation into gas energy. Proper maintenance is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the centrifugal ventilator, extend the ventilator to extend the ventilator It is important to use the service life, so it is necessary to pay full attention to the use of centrifugal fans.

1. The maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal ventilation impelios in the early stage of the impeller and all routine inspections, as long as there is a chance, check whether the impeller has defects such as cracks, wear, ash accumulation. The dust and iron rust above need to be cleaned regularly with steel wire brushes, because as the running time increases, these dusts cannot be evenly attached to the impeller, causing damage to the balance of the leaves. The portable test balance is balanced at the scene. Before the dynamic balance, all fastening bolts need to be tightened. Because the impeller runs for a period of time under an unbalanced state, these bolts may have been loose.

2. The maintenance of centrifugal fan cases and air intake chambers In addition to checking whether the shell and the air intake chamber are severely worn on a regular basis, and clearing a large amount of dust, these components do not require other special maintenance. Check whether all fastened bolts are tightened regularly. For The fan with a compressed bolt is pressed on the butterfly spring on the feet to the installation height specified in the figure.

3. The maintenance of centrifugal ventilator bearings must be checked in the fuel supply of the bearings. If the filling letter leaks the oil, it can be slightly tightened by the bolt of the end cover. If this is not enough, it may be necessary to replace it with a new pad filler.

4. The maintenance of other auxiliary equipment is used to maintain various auxiliary equipment (including motors, electric actuators, instruments, instruments, etc.), please refer to the corresponding instructions. The manufacturer will provide users with these explanations in random packaging boxes.

5. When the ventilator is not used, when the fans of the centrifugal ventilator are stopped, when the ambient temperature is less than 5, the remaining water in the equipment and pipeline should be discharged to avoid freezing equipment and pipelines.

6. The maintenance of the fan for a long time and not in use, apply anti -rust oil on the surface of the bearings and other main components to avoid corrosion. At about half a month, you should manually move the fan rotor half a circle (that is, 180), move the move, move Before, the bearing end is the bottom of the rotor to move at the bottom.

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