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The use and operation of fans

 1) Close the , and close the inlet and outlet damper of the fan; 

2) Manually turn the engine, check the clearance of each fan component, and rotate the impeller and the housing to see if there is friction;

3) Coupling, belt wheel protection passport installed in place;

4) Whether the oil level of the bearing box meets the lubricating oil level during operation; 5) For the fan with water cooling bearing, it is necessary to check whether the water supply of the cooling water pipe is good;

5) Determine the steering of the fan electrically, and check whether there is water leakage, oil leakage, vibration, abnormal sound, odor and other phenomena.

Start the fan (pay attention to whether it runs smoothly); 

2) After the fan starts, gradually open the wind door until the air volume required by the actual production; Pay attention to the running current of the motor when opening the wind door to prevent the wind door from overloading;

3) The temperature of the fan bearing shall be detected after starting, and the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 40 degrees of the ambient temperature on site;

1) Listen to whether the fan runs smoothly, has no abnormal sound or friction; 2) Check whether the foot bolts are loose; 3) Test the temperature and lubrication of bearings; 4) Whether the bearing lubricating oil cooling water is smooth and whether the inlet and outlet pipes have temperature differences; 5) Whether there is lubricating oil leakage in the bearing box; 6) Whether there is abnormal noise in the operation of the bearing box and bearing, and whether the rotation is smooth; 7) Check whether the current runs stably; 1) The fan is found to have a violent noise; 2) There is friction between the impeller and the casing; 3) the vibration of the casing suddenly intensifies; 4) The bearing temperature continues to rise and exceeds the allowable temperature rise range; 5) The sudden rise of current cannot be recovered within 2 minutes; 6) Serious oil leakage in the bearing box; 7) Cooling water is interrupted for more than half an hour. 1) Stop the fan operation after reducing the load; 2) Close the inlet and outlet valve of cooling water; 3) If the hot air is transported, stop the fan when the air outlet temperature of the fan is reduced to 40 degrees after stopping the heater; 4) After the fan is shut down, the drainage valve at the bottom of the housing should be opened for drainage; Close the fan inlet and outlet damper at the same time

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