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Application and selection of centrifugal fan in commercial kitchen

      Centrifugal fans are quite versatile. They are often used in factories, mines and tunnels, but did you know? It's used in a lot of commercial kitchens, but what does it do in the kitchen? How should you choose the model?

      First of all, we have a clear understanding of the application of this product in commercial kitchens. It generally plays three roles:

1, the wind. Mainly extract all kinds of exhaust gas from lampblack.

2, air supply. Pump fresh air into the kitchen.

3. Cool down. In a long time of cooking, the kitchen temperature will rise, through the product can take away the hot lampblack, the outdoor temperature is relatively low fresh wind transported to the kitchen, in order to achieve the role of kitchen cooling.

      The product in the extraction of kitchen lampblack exhaust gas, often need to cooperate with other equipment, such as smoke hood, air duct and lampblack purifier, etc., under the joint action of these ventilation systems, can be the kitchen excess exhaust gas out, so as to make the kitchen clean and tidy, improve the kitchen environment.

When installing the product, it can be installed in the front or back end of the ventilation system, according to the kitchen structure and the structure of the ventilation system.

      The specifications of the product on the market are very many, the model is not optional, should be combined with the situation of the kitchen to select.

The selection is mainly determined according to the kitchen environment, such as the total area of the kitchen, the number of stove steaming cabinets, the cooking method of dishes, the distance of the smoke hood, the length of the pipeline and so on.

      For example, the area of the kitchen is 20 square meters, the internal need to use a frying pan and an elbow, and the distance of the air duct is 20 meters, then you can choose a 3KW product can solve the problem of kitchen lampblack. For specific selection rules, you can contact our technical staff.

If you are worried about buying centrifugal fans for your commercial kitchen, do not worry, you can contact our customer service staff, your problem will soon be resolved.


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