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The reason why the bearing temperature of volute centrifugal fan rises abnormally

       For the user, it is normal for the temperature of the volute centrifugal fan to rise in the use process, but if the bearing temperature is found to rise abnormally, attention needs to be paid to it. Once it is not handled in time, it is very likely to lead to the normal use of the equipment. So what are the reasons for the abnormal rise of fan bearing temperature?

      There are three main reasons for the abnormal rise of fan bearing temperature: poor lubrication, insufficient cooling and abnormal bearing.

      When the temperature of the fan bearing is found to be very high, the bearing is placed outside the fan for inspection. If the bearing is pitted and clearance increases due to the fatigue and wear of the bearing, the temperature will rise abnormally. At ordinary times, it can also be judged whether it is abnormal by listening to the sound of the bearing and measuring the vibration of the bearing. And bearing if there is poor lubrication, cooling is not enough is relatively easy to judge.

      1. Incorrect use of lubricating oil.

      (1) refueling is correct. It should be necessary to refuel the bearing box regularly in the process of use. After the bearing is oiled, if the temperature is found to be high when the bearing is running, it may be because of too much oiling, and some oil can be appropriately removed. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature continues to rise, but after reaching a certain point (about 10℃ ~ 15℃ higher than the normal operating temperature), the temperature will stabilize, and over a period of time the temperature will gradually decline.

      (2) Check the bearing box after confirming that the above problems do not exist. If winter oil is used in summer, and summer oil is used in winter, insufficient or too much refueling will lead to high temperature phenomenon in the operation of bearings. Before refueling, you can read the relevant instructions on fan oil in the operation manual, and correctly refueling can avoid the phenomenon of high bearing temperature.

      2, cooling water did not cast or flow is too small.

     The use of cooling water plays an important role in the operation of the fan. Before the fan is operated, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water valve is opened, and after it is opened, it is also necessary to observe the flow of a gauge to ensure that the flow of cooling water is normal. The fan can only be started after this premise is guaranteed.

      If the cooling water is not opened, or the flow rate of cooling water is too small, it can not be timely refrigeration, resulting in the bearing temperature rise after the volute centrifugal fan runs for a period of time, and even burn out the bearing in serious cases.

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