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What are the reasons for the abnormal temperature of centrifugal fan?

1. The electric flow of centrifugal fan is too large: 

In the case of centrifugal fan operation, in order to better ensure that it is in all normal operation state, we must show all normal power supply voltage for it, but there are also some factors that will cause its electric flow rate to rise. For example, because of the harm caused by the strong vibration of the rolling bearing box, or in the case of opening Roots blower, the hydraulic gate of the inlet and exhaust pipe road is not immediately turned off, or the speed ratio of the spindle bearing is too large, beyond the standard value, or the input working voltage of the oblique flow motor motor is too low, or the single motor project is closed, etc. This kind of problem will lead to the increase of the flow rate of the electric machine, which will lead to the rise of the temperature of the machine equipment. 

2. The temperature of the rolling bearing of the centrifugal fan is too high: 

For this part of the content, we can consider according to the four levels, it may be because the centrifugal fan of the rolling bearing machine cover and seat connection anchor bolt distance is too large or too small; Second, because the rolling bearing box has a strong vibration problem; The roller bearing of the third centrifugal fan is destroyed; Fourth, it is because of insufficient wetting, or there is more residue in it.


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