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Analysis of air drop in tunnel fan

   Tunnel fan is a kind of fan, used for tunnel, dam, railway, subway, road and other tunnel overhaul, so the volume is very large. Transportation should be even, I have a lot of friends, using tunnel fans to transport materials, in a certain direction, the amount of air will be greatly reduced, why? Why do tunnel fans use less air?

 Ventilation pipe, and other transmission shaft tunnel fan, air duct wall asymmetry, cyclone separator in the measurement of gas density and other aspects play many obstacles, which is also an important factor, when it encounters large and small obstacles, the wind has passed.

Why is it that when fans are used in tunnels, if the ventilation duct installed in the tunnel fan reduces the air volume, the tunnel is not properly configured or damaged, for example, the ventilation is broken? Fan rotary pumps usually use two generators, so the chimney pressure standard is much larger than one machine. After the smoke generator is started, the external voltage is stable to meet the speed of the generator, and the tunnel fan control voltage can be increased or decreased.

If you use the tunnel fan at a certain interval, then the air volume will be reduced. It is necessary to check these three cases, determine the cause and repair them to completely solve this problem, while not forgetting to check the tunnel flue regularly and reduce accidents.

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