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Installation position of centrifugal fan and ground foundation requirements

Nowadays, centrifugal fans are installed in many public places and industrial buildings. Generally, they are used as ventilation equipment. However, in actual use, we find that they can play a cooling role in addition to ventilation and smoke exhaust. In order to make it play a good role, its installation position and ground foundation are required.

1, the ground foundation should have a certain stiffness and strength, while the stability and durability of the ground foundation also need to meet the standards, so as to ensure the mechanical accuracy and vibration absorption of the equipment, so that the equipment can be in a fixed position and the corresponding state of continuous and stable operation.

2, the ground foundation generally has two forms, one is to lay the reinforced foundation inside the building, the other is to lay cement mortar on the ground. No matter which method is used, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the foundation so as to avoid defects such as cracks and resonance caused by foundation settlement.

3, try to avoid the installation of multiple equipment on the same basis, if the installation space is too narrow, it will lead to vibration during the operation of the equipment.

4, the height of the ground foundation should be enough, so as to ensure that the concrete protective layer at the bottom of the bolt embedded parts can play a protective role, under the condition of strength allowed, can require the concrete protective layer thinner, which helps to reduce the generation of amplitude.

5. On the ground basis, installation should be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions in the foundation pattern, and holes for anchor bolts should be preset, so as to facilitate the location of anchor bolt holes and anchor bolts.

The installation position of centrifugal fan and the requirements of the ground foundation are introduced to this. Before using the product, the installation position should be planned, and the ground foundation at the installation position can meet the requirements.

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