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The working principle of centrifugal ventilator and axial fan

 The working principle of centrifugal ventilator: kinetic energy is converted into potential energy, that is, using high -speed rotating impeller to speed up the gas, and then decelerate the flow of the kinetic energy into potential energy pressure. The impeller, when the gas flows through the impeller, will change the radial direction, enter the amplifier, in the diffuser, when the gas changes flows, it will slow down. This deceleration can also transform the kinetic energy into pressure energy. The rising pressure during operation mainly occurs in the impeller of the centrifugal ventilator, or directly occurs during the diffusion process. Generally, in multi -stage machinery, the airflow can enter the next impeller through a reflux device to generate higher pressure.


The working principle of the axial fan: When the leaf wheels are rotated, the gas enters the impeller from the axial direction of the air inlet, driven by the blades on the impeller, increases the energy of the gas, and then flows into the guide leaves. At the same time, the gas is introduced into the transpressor, and the transposer further converts the kinetic energy of the gas into a pressure energy. The working principle of the blade of the shaft fan is similar to the aircraft wing. The role of the aircraft is supported, and the axial flow fan is fixed and the air is moved.

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