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Precautions for the installation of shaft circulation fan

 The axial flow fan is widely used, that is, the same airflow in the direction of the leaf axis, such as an electric fan, the fan outside the air conditioner is a fan running in the axial flow mode. Axial circulation fan is usually used in occasions with high traffic requirements and low pressure requirements. The axial flow fan is fixed and the air is moved. The shaft circulation fan is mainly composed of a ventilator impeller and case. The structure is simple, but the data requirements are very high. So how to install shaft circulation fan, what are the precautions?


1. During the horizontal installation of the axis circulation fan, the shock absorber is fixed on the fan base by connecting the bolt. The horizontal height of each shock absorber is adjusted by the center height. On the top, if the fan does not require a shock absorber due to earthquake resistance, the screw holes on the fan base can be directly connected to the embedded bolt based on the basis.


2. Side wall horizontal installation: The basic requirements for installation of the axis fans are the same as the horizontal installation. However, the installation of the bracket is supported by the oblique arm. The bracket must have sufficient strength and stiffness, and it is not suitable for a fan above 10#.


3. Hanging installation: First of all, the shock absorbers and axis fans are connected into one, and the shock absorbers are installed on both sides of the center of gravity of the fan. The space distance is determined. Generally, the fan of more than 16#or more does not adopt this installation method.


4. Vertical installation: The vertical installation method is consistent with the horizontal installation, which requires stricter requirements for the strength and rigidity of the wind turbine.


5. Use a flexible connector to connect the axis fan to the pipelines at both ends to isolate and protect the fan.

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