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Fan blade wear prevention method

 1. The blade surface is treated

The surface of the fan blade can be carburized, plasma surfacing, spraying hard alloy, paste ceramic sheet.

2, surface spraying wear-resistant coating

This method is simple to operate, low cost, but the coating wear fast, about 3 to 5 months at a time.

3. Improve fan blade structure

The blade working face is processed into sawtooth shape, the hollow blade is changed into solid blade, and the blade is welded with anti-wear block, which can reduce the wear of the impeller to a certain extent.

Front anti-wear cascade

After the anti-wear cascade is installed at the most easily worn place, the particles can be prevented from flowing at the rear disk and blade root, so as to transform the concentrated wear of particles into uniform wear, improve the wear resistance of the impeller and prolong the service life of the fan.

4. Improve pneumatic design

Reasonable selection of fan inlet shape, design should ensure the minimum inlet relative speed of the impeller, as far as possible to reduce the number of fan revolution, choose the appropriate impeller runner shape, make the blade inlet to outlet radian curvature radius from small to large, so as to reduce the chance of solid particles and blades impact.

5, the use of efficient dust removal device

Keep the fan in the purified air stream to reduce wear.

The above are several current mainstream treatment methods, can reduce blade wear speed.

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