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Tunnel fan blade rust removal method

 一: physical cleaning method


Physical cleaning method is only suitable for slight rust, when the impeller of the tunnel fan is found to have rust traces, you only need to use a rag and a sponge for a simple wipe. This requires the relevant maintenance units to discover the rust situation in time, diligent maintenance, when the degree of rust is not particularly serious, the physical cleaning method can be cleaned.


In view of the particularly serious degree of rust, physical rust removal method can not play a good role, forced manual cleaning will also lead to the deformation of some impeller, need to use other chemical methods to clean.


二: chemical cleaning method


The so-called chemical cleaning method, is through the addition of some medium to let the tunnel fan impeller rust material and its direct chemical reaction, produce some new substances, can be oxygen, hydrogen, etc., let the corrosion material disappear, this is a method that people often use.


1: acid rust removal method


The impeller material of tunnel fan is mainly some steel metal, different tunnel fans may use some different metal materials. All kinds of rust will be produced in metal under the action of air and water vapor. Users can use phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid to remove such rust. When choosing hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid, do not choose particularly high acid material, general acid can be, strong acid in the process of cleaning will react with the impeller, causing the impeller to become brittle.


2: Baking soda to remove rust


Baking soda is a very cheap substance, but it is very effective in removing rust. Mix baking soda with water in a certain ratio. Gently rub on the surface of the fan impeller, many times after rubbing, rust can be removed, baking soda rust spending more time, efficiency is much lower than acid substance rust removal.


3: Remove rust with vinegar


It takes a lot of time to remove the rust of vinegar, and the impeller of the fan needs to soak more time to be effective. Especially serious rust can not be cleaned, and this kind of method has been rarely used at present.

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