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Why does the air volume drop in use?

    The reasons for the decline of air volume of jet fan in the application process are as follows:

Jet fan fan is a application in the tunnel construction, for the application scale of operation are in water conservancy projects, roads, DAMS, railway, subway station in the tunnel construction in these areas, so the transport of air volume must be symmetry, when the application of jet fan in the transport of chemicals at that time, to a certain direction air volume will be greatly reduced. What's going on?

1. When the air duct of the jet fan is pressed in the tunnel construction, the air volume will fall because there is no standard pressing, or the air duct exposes the damage of the scene, such as leakage and fracture.

2. In the process of delivering jet fan, comply with the air duct, ventilation duct, etc., the natural barrier generated by the tightness of the air duct is not uniform, and there is a big obstacle to the airflow. Steam body embrace and relative density are all components of the natural barrier generated in the process of wind has been driving away dust.

3. Jet fan all normal selection of the rotary axial flow fan, the use of double generator situation, that fan working pressure echo than single motor growth a lot, fan planning, the stability of the working voltage to consider the generator speed ratio, fan echo growth or smaller.

For the equipment of SDS jet fan, it is requested to bury two thick steel plates with thickness of 20mm and width of 200mm or a in the second lining of mixed soil in the initial construction of authentic engineering. When the distance between axes is "A", other courses will be prepared by our company according to the drawings and illustrations. It can also be prepared according to the provisions of the customer. When the jet fan is in the equipment, it does not bump and damage the fan, and it does not weld the fan. In addition to the provisions of the authentic gap, the core line of the fan should be guaranteed to be parallel with the authentic axis, otherwise the wind power will be lost.

The operation of jet fans is usually dominated by the CO concentration value to decide whether to open one or a group, and to select high speed or low speed. In the planning of jet fan, in order to land the peak of the power network, it should be planned one by one, that is, after the last fan reaches the extra speed ratio, the switching power supply of the next fan is connected, and the interval is 120 seconds as if it is immediately cut off. Switch power supply should be connected after the complete termination of the centrifugal impeller. Jet fans do not need a remarkable adjustment course. In order to indomitable fan clean, can be proof of the infectious state of the scene, wipe the fan on time.

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