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Causes of air volume decrease in the use of jet fan

 Jet fan is a kind of fan used in tunnels. Because the scale of use is used in the tunnels of water conservancy DAMS, railways, subways, highways and so on, the air volume delivered must be uniform. When the jet fan is used in conveying materials, the air volume will decrease significantly after reaching a certain position. Why is that?
(1) When the air duct of the jet fan is placed in the tunnel, it may be because there is no regular placement, or the air duct is damaged, such as leakage, break and so on, which leads to the decrease of the air volume.
(2) Jet fan is in the process of delivery, through the duct, duct, etc., the tightness of the duct is not symmetrical, which plays a great obstacle to the cyclone. Gas measurement, density, etc., is also the factor of the barrier size in the process of wind trekking.
(3) The jet fan is normally used about the rotary axial flow fan, and the double generator type is adopted, so that the fan pressure response is much more than that of the single motor. After the fan is started, the stability of the field voltage can satisfy the generator speed, and the fan response can increase or decrease.

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