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Methods of Improving the Air Extraction Efficiency of Centrifugal Fans

      The pumping efficiency of the centrifugal fan will not only affect the air volume, but also affect the investment in economic costs. Therefore, the pumping efficiency is a matter of great concern to many customers. There are two main methods to improve the pumping efficiency. let's learn together

      Method to improve pumping efficiency

      1. Change the shape of the air extraction partition

      As far as fans are concerned, the convexity of the suction partition often affects the suction efficiency. Once the suction partition is convex, the law of the air flow field will be destroyed, which will naturally affect the suction effect. In order to improve the air extraction efficiency, it is necessary to make some adjustments to the shape of the air extraction partition to make the air flow field more regular. This method is currently more popular and widely used.

      2. Create a stable air flow field

      It is important to know that the instability of the air flow field will lead to poor air extraction efficiency. In addition to the irregular air flow field caused by the air extraction partition, external environmental factors will also affect the air flow, such as sharp directions. , size, etc. Therefore, in order for the fan to have a relatively stable air extraction efficiency, it is necessary to create a stable air flow field. If the radial uniformity and axial uniformity of the air flow are destroyed, it is likely to cause the fan to stall, making the air flow show an irregular flow.

      Usually, if the fan can be used and maintained correctly, it will also help to improve the air extraction effect. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when using and maintaining:
      1. A filter device or a dust collector should be installed in front of the air inlet to prevent the impeller from being damaged by external dust and foreign matter entering the interior.

      2. Before use, the test machine step cannot be ignored. This is the premise to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment, so that the efficiency of the fan can be guaranteed.

      3. Before using it again after being idle for a long time, you should check whether the connection parts are reliable, and fasten the loose parts in time to avoid failure of the fan during operation due to loose parts.

     4. Regularly clean the dust and dirt in the fan and pipeline.

      5. Regularly check the lubrication condition of the bearing, add lubricant according to the lubrication condition, check whether there is oil leakage, and check the condition of the bearing regularly.

      6. Before starting each time, you should check whether there is any foreign matter inside the pipeline, and make sure that there is no debris in the pipeline before starting.

       By changing the shape of the air extraction baffle, creating a stable air flow field can effectively improve the air extraction efficiency of the centrifugal fan. When using a fan, if there is a situation where the extraction efficiency is poor, these two methods can be used to improve it.

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