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The root cause of insufficient centrifugal fan output

      I believe that everyone should be familiar with the centrifugal fan. Sometimes when using this equipment, you will encounter insufficient output. Many people think that the insufficient output is due to the small selection. In fact, it may not necessarily be an inappropriate selection. You must know the equipment The reasons for insufficient output are quite complicated. Only by finding out the root cause of insufficient output can the problem be completely solved.

     Centrifugal fans are equipment often used in industrial enterprises. They need to rely on input mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and be able to discharge gas. It can be said that this equipment is a driven fluid machine.

     The equipment needs a motor to drive the impeller to run. The blades in the impeller will do work on the gas, and the gas will be thrown around the impeller under the action of centrifugal force. The speed energy can be converted into pressure energy through the volute casing. Once the impeller After the gas in it is discharged, the pressure in the impeller will be lower than the pressure in the air inlet pipe, so that the new gas will be sucked into the impeller under the action of the pressure difference, and the gas can be continuously discharged from the pump.
The lack of output of the device is due to the following reasons:

     1. Design reasons:

     Because when the equipment is designed, the parameter design is small, but in the actual operation process, the required parameters are far greater than the designed parameters, so that the equipment cannot meet the load of the unit in the actual process.

     2. Reasons for selection:

    When the output of the equipment is insufficient, it can be considered that the selection is improper. For example, if the operating point deviates greatly from the design point, then there will be a situation of low operating efficiency. Once the operating efficiency is low, it will lead to insufficient output.

     3. Manufacturing reasons:

     The profile of the blade, especially the profile of the airfoil blade, will seriously affect the output and efficiency of the equipment. Once in production, improper manufacturing or running wear can cause varying degrees of damage to the blade profile, resulting in a decline in output and efficiency.

     4. Reasons for installation:

     During installation, once the adjustment door is reversed or the fit gap is too large, the overall performance of the equipment will decrease, so the output will be insufficient. Therefore, during installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the radial clearance between the collector and the impeller.

     5. System reason:

     The unreasonable layout of the system piping can directly affect the performance of the equipment. Since the equipment is a part of the system, there is an interaction between the equipment and the system. If the equipment is operated in a working condition far from its design and regulations, it will lead to a decrease in the performance of the equipment and insufficient output. .
In addition, other equipment in the system will also affect the performance of the equipment during operation. For example, the clogging of the air preheater, the clogging of the heater, and the clogging of the demister will all lead to insufficient output of the equipment.

     6. Reasons for operation:

     There is a large error between the actual combustion coal quality and the coal quality at the time of design, and the error in the opening of the equipment adjustment door will also cause insufficient output. However, it should be known that the insufficient output in this case is an illusion. You only need to calibrate the adjustment door The opening can solve the problem of insufficient output.

     There are many reasons for the insufficient output of the centrifugal fan. When you encounter this situation, you need to analyze it calmly and deal with it scientifically.

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