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Model FQ mine pneumatic pressure into axial flow local fan

FQ type mine pneumatic compression axial flow local fan (hereinafter referred to as air fan) is a new product developed by our company. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight, simple operation, convenient maintenance and good safety performance. The blades of this series of pneumatic fan and the corresponding material of the shell are tested for the safety of friction spark, which can ensure the use in the place with gas.

1.2 Main Uses and application scope This series of air fan adopts the structure of compressed air driven by pneumatic motor to drive the impeller to rotate. It is suitable for the local ventilation under the coal mine, and can also be used as the local ventilation equipment of metallurgical mine and tunnel engineering. It has a wide range of uses.

1.3 Operating environment conditions The conveying medium is air, the dust content is not more than 10mg/m3, the temperature of the medium is -200C ~ +350C. The fan installation position elevation ranges from -1000m to +1000m.

1.4 Working conditions The air supply should be greater than the maximum working air volume of the pneumatic fan. The foundation of the installation of the pneumatic fan should be firm, without exposure to the sun and rain around. The height of the edge of the air inlet of the air fan should not be less than 0.3m from the ground or the top wall.

1.5 Service life The service life shall be no less than 4 years, and the safe operation time shall be no less than 1200h before the first overhaul.

2 Safety Precautions

 2.1 Operators must be trained, familiar with the operation, qualified, and licensed to work; 2.2 Operators must read this instruction manual carefully before using the rig; 3 Structure Characteristics and working principle

3.1 Structure Characteristics This series of air fan is composed of air collector 1, impeller 2, housing 3 and air motor 4 and other components. The pneumatic fan shell, air collector and other structural components are welded with low carbon steel plate, and the pneumatic motor is connected with the shell with bolts. The impeller is welded together by the hub, blade, hollow shaft and amplitude plate, and the impeller is directly connected with the output shaft of the pneumatic motor. The pneumatic motor is a geared motor with simple structure and long service life. The compressed air is supplied by the underground compressed air pipeline and connected by the rubber hose and the air inlet of the pneumatic motor. 3.2 Working principle After the pressure gas extracted from the underground pressure gas pipeline is connected with the air motor inlet on the air fan shell through the rubber hose, the valve is opened, and the pressure gas drives the motor to rotate and drive the impeller to rotate. The impeller does work on the air, so that the air has energy and then discharged from the fan at a certain speed, and the air duct is guided to the required place.

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