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Centrifugal ventilator use and maintenance problem

 The following briefly introduces the use and maintenance problem of centrifugal ventilator

Introduction to the use and maintenance of centrifugal ventilator

First of all, the centrifugal fan is a kind of mechanical centrifugal fan. There are two or more leaves on the shaft to promote the airflow. It throws the gas out of the impeller through the centrifugal force. Essence

Features of centrifugal fan:

1. The ventilation effect and exhaust effect of centrifugal ventilation machines are very suitable for pipeline exhaust or air supply.

2. The applicability of centrifugal ventilator is strong. Corresponding fans are often used in the air transport in the pipeline, and can be used in places where non -corrosive, flammable and explosive gas.

3. The noise of the centrifugal ventilator is very low. The centrifugal fan is designed based on the angle of the impeller of the air flow mechanics. There is no mechanical friction when runtime. The reasonable leaves are reduced. Obstacles can sound insulation.

4. The centrifugal ventilator runs smoothly. The optimized impeller reduces the axial force to a lower level. It is corrected by the impeller and the static balance. The whole machine runs smoothly. Without any damping device, the bearing amplitude is relatively small.

5. The centrifugal fan is strong and durable, and the case and the impeller are made of steel plates, which makes the fan more strong.

Maintenance of centrifugal fan:

1. The rotation direction of the centrifugal ventilator should be consistent with the direction indicated on the fan nameplate.

2. Install a regulatory valve on the intake pipe of the centrifugal fan. Before starting, turn off the fan, then turn on slowly until it meets the prescribed working status and check the electric current.

3. Check the operation of the centrifugal ventilator at any time.

4. According to the specific usage, regularly remove the dust and dirt in the fan and pipelines to prevent corrosion.

5. Observe the temperature and lubrication of the bearing of the centrifugal ventilator at any time, and keep the oil windows clean and transparent.

6. The lubricant used by centrifugal fans should be replaced regularly, especially after each overhaul.

There are many advantages of centrifugal ventilator, which can be widely used. The following are advantages:

1. The noise noise of centrifugal fans is driven by low noise motors, and the built -in muffler reduces operating noise.

2. High reliability: There are no other motion components except the impeller, which is almost exempt from maintenance.

3. Wide scope of application: There are many specifications of centrifugal fans, including high -voltage and large air volume series, which can be flexibly selected.

4. Easy to install: you can install it at will or vertically.

5. Low vibration: High mechanical accuracy of centrifugal fan, rotating parts are designed, tested, and calibrated, and the vibration rate is very low.

6. Structured structure: The wind surface is made of aluminum alloy and milling alloy. It is more durable from the centrifugal fan of ordinary aluminum shells or iron shells.

Thank you for watching, and through the introduction above, I hope to help you, okay, I wish you all a happy life.

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