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Introduction and characteristics of multi -level centrifugal drum fans

 Multi -level centrifugal drum fans do the gas through high -speed rotating impeller to improve the pressure and speed of gas. Gas with a certain pressure flow from the edge of the leaf wheels at a high speed, flow into the transposer, and reduce the gas speed. Part of the kinetic energy of the gas into potential energy, which continues to increase the pressure of the gas. Gas flowing through the bending pipe and reflux device, enter the next compression unit for further compression. After the multi -stage leaf wheel is compressed, the required pressure gas is collected by the snail shell, and the system is sent to the system through the exhaust port.


Multi -level centrifugal drum fan usage and classification

Multi -level centrifugal drum fans are widely used in various occasions that need to transport air, such as smelting boilers, coal washing plants, mining flotation, sewage treatment, chemical gasification, etc. It can also be used to transport other non -corrosive gases, such as blast furnace air supply, sewage treatment aeration air supply, coke oven gas, and vertical furnace sintering air.


Multi -level centrifugal drum fan structure and technical performance


The main body of the blossoms is the cast body, which is composed of the inlet shell, the outlet shell and the middle shell. Generally, according to the needs of customer flow and pressure, the intermediate case can be combined with 2 to 8 pressure -increased fans. Special users can be combined into 10 pressure -increasing fan and an increased pressure of 98kPa. The current model under construction can cover 35 ~ 220 m3/min.


Multi -level labyrinth seals are adopted by multi -level maze, and the two -level maze sealing and carbon ring combination is used to prevent and reduce leakage. Essence


Glip -like parts of steel shaft parts, the T6 treatment of aluminum alloy parts such as impeller, ensure size stability, functional requirements and service life requirements. After the precision cast aluminum impeller is completed, it is installed on the main axis after a static balance inspection, and then a dynamic balance check. The balance level is G2.5 (ISO1940), which effectively eliminates harmful vibrations under high -speed operation.


The machine is directly driven by the frequency conversion motor, and the multi -stage centrifugal drum fan is directly connected to the motor through the axis. The bearing is equipped with temperature and vibration sensor to prevent the fan from being damaged due to high temperature or increased vibration. At the same time, hanging holes, hooks, or rings are installed on the fan body and base for easy installation and maintenance.


Because the centrifugal fan is to reduce the pressure by increasing the speed of the airflow, that is, the air kinetic energy, the air is increased, so in order to obtain the same pressure, the impeller of the single -stage centrifugal fan is several times higher than the impeller of the multi -stage centrifugal drum fan. Generally, the speed of multi -level centrifugal fans is only thousands of rotations, but the single -level speed is as high as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of rotations. Because the supply of stress depends to a large extent on the improvement of speed, and the supply of speed is limited by balanced, lubricating and material performance, it is more used for low -pressure occasions, and multi -level centrifugal drum fan is used more. At high pressure occasions.


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