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Seven causes and treatment measures of centrifugal fan oil leakage

 The oil leakage of the centrifugal fan is a very important problem. After the oil leakage has not been dealt with, the position of the equipment is very large. So what are the reasons for the oil leakage? What measures are taken for the oil leakage cover? The following editor summarizes The seven major causes and treatment measures are listed, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Conflict between impeller and impeller

If there are stains and impurities on the impeller, it will cause the gap to become smaller; if the gear is worn, the backlash will become larger after long-term wear; if the gear is not fixed firmly, it will cause the size to be out of sync with the impeller; if the bearing is worn As a result, the clearance will increase.


Remove the dirt and check whether the internal parts are damaged; adjust the clearance of the gear, if the backlash of the gear exceeds the average value of 30%~50%, the gear needs to be replaced; reassemble the gear to ensure that the contact area of the taper reaches 75 %; Replace the bearing.

2. Excessive work pressure

The clearance of the device is incorrect; the working pressure is too high, exceeding the specified value; the temperature during work is too high; the casing is deformed against the machine base, which makes the positioning invalid; the axial positioning of the bearing is not good.
The solution:

Adjust the clearance; find out the cause of the overload and let the pressure drop to the specified value; check the accuracy of the device, and the tension of the pipe will drop; check the bearing to ensure that the clearance is normal.

3. The temperature is too high

The oil added to the oil tank is dirty, too much or too thick; the filter is blocked; the pressure is higher than the specified value; the impeller is severely worn, resulting in an increase in the gap; the high room temperature leads to poor ventilation and high inlet temperature; the working speed is too high Low makes the belt slip.


Lower the oil level and filter the oil; clean the clogged filter; adjust the impeller gap; improve the indoor ventilation; increase the speed to avoid belt slippage.

4. Insufficient flow

The inlet filter is clogged; the impeller is worn, which increases the gap; the belt slips; the pressure loss at the inlet is large; the inside of the pipe is ventilated.


Clean up the sundries and dust of the inlet filter: adjust the gap of the impeller; tighten the belt, and add the number of belts appropriately; adjust the inlet pressure to reach the specified value; repair the pipeline.

5. Oil leakage or oil leakage into the casing

The oil tank is high, and oil leaks from the oil discharge port; the sealing strip is aging and worn, causing oil leakage at the shaft end; the pressure exceeds the specified value; the wallboard and the vent of the oil tank are blocked, causing oil to leak into the casing.


Decrease the oil level; replace the sealing strip with a new one; dredge the vents, install the tool in the center cavity; adjust the pressure.

6. Immediately stop the vehicle if there is abnormal vibration or noise

The clearance of the rolling bearing exceeds the specified value, or the bearing seat is severely worn; the backlash of the gear is too large, it cannot be centered, and the fixation is too loose; there is dust and debris between the impeller and the impeller: overload and shaft deformation cause occurrence between the impellers Collision; excessive temperature causes friction between the impeller and the inlet of the casing; fouling or foreign matter between the impellers causes it to lose balance; anchor bolts or other fasteners become loose.


Replace the bearing or bearing seat; reinstall the gear; check the alignment of the impeller and adjust the gap; check the filter to increase the gap between the impeller and the inlet of the casing; clean the impeller and casing; tighten the anchor bolts and related fasteners.

7. Motor overload

The pressure difference is large; because of the large flow, the pressure increases; the belt is too hot, the vibration is too large, and the pulley is too small.


Reduce the pressure to the specified value; check the tension of the belt and replace it with a larger pulley.

The seven major causes and treatment measures of centrifugal fan oil leakage are introduced here. Have you mastered it?

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