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How to improve the efficiency of SDF tunnel fan?

① Perseverance and unremitting road

If there is no flat in the cave, the natural barrier of the internal combustion car will be extended, so that the car hooks frequently, and the fuel consumption is large.


② Do a good job of preventing pollution

The tunnel fan includes wet test rock cutting, exhaust valve sniper dust removal, dust reduction spraying machine after sniper, the cliffs of the cliffs before residue, and the scum sprinkler, etc., can all reach the technique of anti -dirt -proof and dust removal. How to improve the solution of the tunnel fan?

③ Improve ventilation solution

The formulation of strict air permeability to solve current policies, production scheduling means interrupting air permeability solution, according to the requirements of interrupting the atmosphere and health care of the current policy monitoring at any time, anytime, anywhere, it has been interrupted to improve the fineness of the air, ensuring that the wind transparent crumbs and the perfect operation.


④ Own gas fume purifier exhaust gas

Improve the maintenance and maintenance of internal combustion machinery and equipment, maintain the high quality of the internal combustion machine and equipment, to change the sewage steam as much as possible; the internal combustion machine equipment machine equipment fails to sell fangs, and has withdrawn the S30-30 diesel engine improvement agent Small atmosphere clean.


⑤ sufficient ventilation

It is necessary to ensure that the SDF tunnel fan is completely discharged when there is surplus air transparency to prevent the sewage from repeatedly accumulated and ensure that the daily task atmosphere of the daily task of the cave arrives.

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