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The purpose of the ventilation design and lighting design of the tunnel firewood fan tunnel

 Ventilation and lighting design must not only consider normal traffic conditions, but also consider the fire conditions in the tunnel.

3.2.3 Tunnel shooting fan requirements:

First, the air speed of one -way traffic tunnel should be above 10m/s, and 12m/s can be used in special circumstances. The air speed of the two -way transportation tunnel should be above 8m/s, and the air speed of mixed transportation tunnel design should be above 7m/s.

3.6.2 Selection, configuration and control of a fan


2) The flower runs normally for 60 minutes at an ambient temperature of 250 ° C.

3.6.3 Selection, setting and control of axis flow fans

1 Select a fir

2) Axial flow fan heat resistance

The flow ventilator must be able to run more than 60 minutes at an environmental temperature of 250 ° C.

3.8.1 General Principles

V. The walls around the hood and the air duct must be sealed, and there must be no leakage.

3.9.4 When a fire occurs, it is necessary to ventilate to half the level and overall level through the main pipeline. The vertical ventilation should determine the positive and reverse hood according to the location of the internal fire of the tunnel, and try to shorten the journey of fire and smoke inside the vehicle.

4.9.1 Highway tunnels need to be continuously installed and lighting power supply systems. Tunnel shooting fan

4.9.4 Highway long tunnel and other tunnels of 20,000 meters in length need to set up disaster prevention signs.

During the operation of the tunnel, maintaining good air quality in the tunnel is a necessary condition for ensuring traffic safety. In order to effectively reduce the harmful gas and concentration of smoke in the tunnel, ensure the health of drivers, passengers and employees in the tunnel, improve the safety of operation safety The ventilation design of the highway tunnel can be done well to make the tunnel ventilation well. The ventilation design of the loessing tunnel mainly considers the following factors:

(1) The length, linear, and saddle tunnel of the tunnel are 1227 meters in the right line.

(2) Traffic volume: The saddle tunnel is a road tunnel with large traffic volume, 2400 vehicles/h, mainly medium trucks and large passenger cars.

(3) Anomalial conditions such as traffic accidents and fires in the tunnel.

(4) Maintenance costs of tunnel engineering expenses.

Tunnel ventilation should meet the following requirements:

(1) The design customs of one -way traffic tunnel should be above 10m/s. Under special circumstances, the design customs of the 12 -meter/s two -way transportation tunnel cannot be greater than the design customs of a hybrid traffic tunnel of 8 meters/s.

(2) The noise generated by centralized discharge hood and the exhaust gas in the tunnel shall meet the requirements of environmental protection (3) When the traffic conditions are changed, the correct ventilation method has high stability and meets the ventilation requirements under the fire conditions.

(4) The main direction of tunnel operations cannot be changed frequently.

(5) Carbon monoxide allows concentration tunnel to firing fans

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