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What are the environmental requirements for storing centrifugal fans?

 Corresponding fan is a mechanical energy that rely on input mechanical energy to improve the mechanical of gas pressure side by side. It is a kind of mobilized fluid machinery. The conditions and roots of the use of mechanical equipment are the normal protection and maintenance of the equipment.

Once the centrifugal fan is not used for the time being, the user needs to place a proper environment for it so that it can play a better role next time. Wonderful remind everyone that the storage requirements of centrifugal fans are high. If there are inappropriate places during storage, it will seriously affect the effect of centrifugal fan.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the existence environment. The surface of the centrifugal fan is kept clean, and there should be no debris in the entrance or outlet. Regularly eliminate the dust such as the fan and the dust in the tube. Before storage, confirm whether there are abnormal sounds, severe fever of the motor, the case of the case, the charging of the shell, the switching of the card, the switch, and the unable to start during the operation of the running process.

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