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What are the factors that affect the running speed of centrifugal fans

 The operation speed of the centrifugal fan will be affected by some factors, so in actual operation, the speed of centrifugal fan can be controlled by controlling these factors. For example, in order to maintain a stable and appropriate speed, it is usually the turnover angle that changes the thyristor through the adjustable resistance, and then the voltage at both ends of the motor after rectification is controlled by the thyristor. The factors affecting the operating speed of the centrifugal fan are as follows:

Once the thread is on, the speed will fluctuate when you have problems such as cutting through short circuit, opening, unable to trigger or poor foundation. At the same time, it can also be considered that the reason is the adjustable resistance. It is normal for long -term use contact, but it will also affect the speed of centrifugal fan. Secondly, in addition, the carbon powder or bad carbon brush between the motor rotor and the directioner may be one of the factors

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