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How to choose the lubricating oil of tunnel fan?

   When we operate the tunnel fan, choose the right smooth oil is beneficial to reduce the damage of some internal components, and then there is a safe effect, grow the daily mission frequency, choose the right smooth oil tunnel fan is beneficial to us choose the right product.

1. When selecting smooth lipids, consider the load index (the load is a simple static data load and the load following the Enron channel fan rotating bearing).

2. In the selection of smooth fluid, the tunnel fan shall comply with the standard convex and concave rail rules for rotary bearing operation to ensure appropriate integrity. When the standard scale is low, the smooth liquid with low viscosity and low activity point is used. When the standard is large, the smooth liquid with high viscosity and high opening flash point is used.

3. Solid smoothing agent should be used as substitute material for jet fan in tunnel construction. For example, certain swelling substances have a request for smooth fluid. At the earliest, in order to achieve the provisions of centrifugal fan operation, taking into account the daily mission and load of centrifugal fan, the selection of appropriate smooth grease.

4. When following the continuous wetting of the tunnel fan, the smooth liquid with low viscosity, good solid phase, anti-rust handling and anti-bubble should be used.

5. There are several types of lubricant that can be selected for tunnel construction. When selecting the type of smooth grease, in order to improve the efficiency of the operation of the equipment more fairly, the type of smooth grease required by the equipment should be taken into account. In this version, people should also have useful friendship tips, when you operate it, tunnel construction jet wind machine risks its operation, embellish people's decision confidence. Operation reality end.

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