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How to experiment with the base of the tunnel fan?

 The mechanical ventilation in the tunnel can not only accelerate the emissions of harmful gases such as car tail gas, but also reduce the concentration of flue gas, increase the safety of tunnel fan operation, and improve operation comfort.

 There are two types of automatic vending machines: tunnel shooting fans and axis flowers. Siter fans are recently used in tunnel ventilation. Tunnel fans are usually fixed and suspended. The structure of the supporting fan must bear more than 15 times the static load. The support structure and steel plates buried in the concrete structure are welded.

 The mounting experiment of mounting structure in the tunnel fan device line is definitely supporting the riveting structure and riveting quality of the steel version of the steel version.

 Many researchers conduct load tests on tunnel fan in different ways. According to the test results, according to the test results of the tunnel fan landfill and bracket, analyze the basic deformation and strength of the fan, and check whether the fan support meets the requirements.

 After practical dynamic soil, I imagined the experimental methods of tunnel fan mounting, and the insurance and accurately measured the wind turbine cover structure and the fundamental cover force, ensured the insurance operation of the tunnel, and accumulated the task experience. The underground tunnel fan has stopped the barrier experiment from loading fragmented and side effects.

 Tunnel fan bearings are related to the safe operation of the tunnel. A test table was developed in this way. The test table has a light and fast test speed characteristics. If you want to know more, welcome to follow us at any time.


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