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Why does the tunnel fan appear the situation of oil leakage?

 When cars pass through, they will produce a lot of exhaust gas, and if they only rely on the ventilation at both ends of the tunnel, the exhaust gas will accumulate in the tunnel for a long time, resulting in corrosion or explosion. In order to prevent this phenomenon, tunnel fans appear. Today, let's talk about the leakage of oil in tunnel fans. How do we solve this?

First of all, the oil supply of the bearing box is too high, and too much smooth oil pressure will also form leakage at the shaft seal. If the seed supply flow is high, coupled with the reaction of the high-speed operation of the rotor and the reduction of the smooth oil temperature, the practical oil level of the bearing housing is bound to form higher than the maximum oil level of the limit, resulting in shaft seal leakage.

Secondly, the oil seal is damaged, sometimes the fan shell, shrinkage section, partition and other seals are not strict, there will be leakage of oil leakage, shutdown maintenance will find that there is a small amount of oil on the inner wall and blade of the bellows inlet of the casing. The shaft seal is the simplest location for the bearing box to emerge with leaking oil, forming the situation of oil leakage in the tunnel fan, so we should overhaul and maintain the oil seal in time.

Finally, the return oil pipe joint seal is not strict, the pipeline joint of the tunnel fan is loose, the sealing pad is loose, the oil station filter switching valve oil leakage, valve leakage, the filter switching valve oil leakage in the inner and middle oil station, the valve leakage such shortcomings need strict inspection of the detailed position.

The above are several reasons for oil leakage in the tunnel fan, but we still need to repair it according to the actual situation. In our daily use, we should check and maintain the tunnel fan regularly to avoid the occurrence of faults, so as not to affect the work efficiency.

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