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Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Centrifugal Fans

      As the application fields of centrifugal fans become more and more extensive, people's demand for it has increased significantly. We can find that it plays an important role in both ventilation and gas transmission, and how to select, operate and maintain becomes our Knowledge required.


      When selecting a model, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the external dimensions and structure of the centrifugal fan can meet the installation requirements, so as to avoid large gaps in hole diameter, hole distance, and thickness during installation, resulting in failure to install.

      When selecting a model, it is also necessary to pay attention to the internal structure and materials of the equipment, which will affect the overall performance and service life of the equipment. In the testing stage, performance and aging tests can be carried out on the equipment. Through testing, you can check whether the connected equipment can work normally under the required environmental conditions, and have a general understanding of the service life of the equipment.

      When choosing a model, you can contact several suppliers. If necessary, you can also tell the supplier your requirements, so that it is convenient for others to recommend a suitable model.
      Operation and Maintenance

      1. The adjustment method should be reasonable

       In order to save costs, some users will choose the way of imported damper to adjust the flow. Since adjusting the damper itself will cause some pressure loss, even when the adjusting damper is fully opened, the system resistance value will increase.

       If the quality of the damper used is relatively poor, it may cause the internal deformation of the damper blades during use, which will increase the system resistance and at the same time cause the inlet flow field to be disordered, and the fluid entering the impeller will affect the use of the impeller itself. Therefore, if Use the imported damper to adjust, and the damper opening is low, you can use the frequency converter to adjust.

       2. On-site installation and construction should meet the standards

      Under normal circumstances, the equipment needs to meet the on-site installation requirements, and some installation sites have higher dimensional accuracy requirements, so the equipment should be designed in strict accordance with the on-site assembly requirements. If the on-site installation construction is not up to standard and cannot meet the design size requirements, it will affect the actual operating efficiency of the equipment.

       Many users will choose outsourced construction units to install equipment, and some construction units are not professional centrifugal fan installation teams. If the user does not supervise well during the installation process, and the requirements for acceptance are not strict, it may It leads to installation errors and affects the use of later equipment.
       3. Timely maintenance and proper operation management

        Pay attention to air leakage and blockage: During the use of equipment, there will inevitably be natural wear and tear, which will cause air leakage in the pipe network and increase the useless work of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to timely repair of the air leakage. If the network is blocked, it is necessary to clean the pipe network in time.

        Wear: If the environment used contains a lot of dust or the temperature in the environment is relatively high, it is easy to cause wear of the equipment inlet collector and impeller. Wear will cause changes in the internal fluid profile and poor sealing performance. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the wear in time. The part is overhauled.

       Deformation: Generally, deformation is easy to occur in a high temperature environment. If the production material of the equipment is easily thermally deformed at high temperature, it will cause relative displacement of some parts of the equipment, and the matching size will change. After a long time of use, it is prone to serious deformation. .

        Regularly check the pipeline system and internal parts according to the production plan, repair the clogged and worn parts in time, and invite professional personnel to do performance evaluation. 

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