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Causes of centrifugal fan wear

       Centrifugal fans will inevitably wear out during long-term use, but some customers find that the equipment wears out soon after it is put into operation. We need to pay attention to this phenomenon. According to the feedback from most customers, the blades are the ones with the most wear and tear. Once the blades are severely damaged, the fluidity inside the entire equipment will be affected, and even the blades will break and fly out, causing safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the wear of the equipment.

      The causes of centrifugal fan wear are as follows:

      1. There is a lot of smoke and dust on the cooling fan

       There may be a lot of fine smoke and dust in the working environment of the equipment. In such an environment, the smoke and dust will continue to accumulate on rolling bearings, leaves and other parts. Especially the particles are relatively small, and there are various types of smoke and dust, so it is difficult to clean up a lot of smoke and dust, so the vulnerable parts of the equipment will be damaged due to the accumulation of smoke and dust. In order to save costs and improve the ventilation effect of the equipment, some customers reduce the use of dust removal equipment, and the equipment is more likely to wear faster due to the influence of smoke and dust.

      2. The operation is unscientific

      In different usage occasions, the parameters required by the equipment are different. If the selected parameters are too small, they will not meet the parameter requirements of the usage environment. If they are used forcibly, the equipment will be overloaded, causing early wear and tear of the equipment.

       3. The cooling fan spins too fast

      The cooling fan running too fast is also one of the main reasons for the rapid wear and tear of the equipment. According to the analysis of many cases, the wear condition has a great relationship with the operating speed of the equipment. Especially in the high temperature operating state, the operating speed will double, resulting in faster damage to the equipment.

       The reasons for the wear and tear of the centrifugal fan have been introduced here. I hope everyone can pay attention to the three causes of equipment wear introduced above.

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