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Development Trend Analysis of Chinese fan Industry in the 13th Five-Year Plan

 (1) According to the national "Coal power Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Upgrading and Transformation Action Plan (2014-2020)", the coal power industry should speed up the upgrading and transformation of coal-fired power generation, and strive to achieve the "three reduction" of coal consumption, pollution emission, coal in energy consumption and the "three increase" of the quality of safe operation, the level of technology and equipment, and the proportion of thermal coal in coal consumption. Therefore, the technology and equipment of 300,000kw sub-critical unit, 600,000kw sub-critical unit, 1000kw ultra-supercritical unit, and flue gas desulfurization and denitrification of coal-fired power station will be the focus of coal power development in the future. It is the only way to improve the reliability of the fan and reduce the energy consumption to research and develop the technical upgrading of the fan, induced draft fan, primary fan, booster fan and flue gas recirculation fan for boiler. The performance parameters of the fan can meet the requirements of 300~1200MW or above thermal power generating units (250~900m3/s, 5.0~12kPa). The pressure coefficient is higher; Equipped with a variety of variable speed adjustment (especially frequency conversion adjustment) can adjust its own performance of the fan; Dynamic and statically regulated fan units suitable for small turbine drive; The maximum efficiency of the fan is not less than 89%, with a wider range of reliable operation, wider performance regulation, higher efficiency of low load and lower noise.

2) Develop the market of waste heat and pressure energy recovery. New energy recovery products are developed for industrial steam and waste heat power generation in cement, glass, steel, petrochemical and other industries. Turbine expansion energy recovery system, screw expansion energy recovery system and hydraulic turbine energy recovery system are used to recover waste heat, pressure and energy in the process. In the metallurgical industrial process of sintering waste heat, blast furnace gas waste heat and pressure recovery and comprehensive utilization of heat energy, blast furnace, converter, coke oven and other gas power generation and the use of steam turbine power technology and equipment, such as centrifugal blower for large blast furnace. A complete set of technologies and equipment for recycling and reusing the waste gas discharged in the production of petroleum, petrochemical, coal and other industries. (3) The treatment of industrial sewage, agricultural sewage, medical sewage and urban domestic sewage discharged in the production of petroleum, petrochemical, coal and other industries requires a large number of new fan research and development or fan technical transformation. For example, the application of maglev blowers developed in recent years. (4) Recovery and utilization technology of coal-bed methane and shale gas and development of complete sets. (5) Technology and equipment for flue gas desulfurization and denitrification of iron and steel sintering machine. (6) Pressurization recovery technology and equipment for petroleum associated gas. (7) The wide application of steam compressors/blowers in the MVR market. MVR process is mainly used in evaporative concentration, evaporative crystallization and low temperature evaporation process. Its application fields include industrial wastewater and landfill leachate in environmental protection industry. Chemical product production, chlor-alkali, partial steam energy recovery, seawater desalination, concentration and crystallization of organic additives, fragrance purification in the chemical industry; Food, pharmaceutical industry evaporation, concentration, crystallization, etc. 2. Adhere to the development of high-end equipment in independent research and development, focus on the development of world-class new products and the formation of series, to achieve the goal of domestic major national technical equipment. Through independent research and development, technical cooperation and merger and acquisition integration, the design, manufacturing, service and complete sets of wind turbine industry leading products reach the international advanced level.

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