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The different shapes and properties of axial fans are introduced

 Axial fans are suitable for the lifting of flammable, explosive and non-corrosive gases. The ambient temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius and is widely used in general factories, warehouses, offices and residential buildings for ventilation or strong heat dissipation. Can also be installed as standard, with long exhaust distances to increase pressure in the line and can be used as a free fan when unloading the engine.

  Axial flow fans are a common ventilation product and a series of axial fans in large axial fans, which can also be used as free axial fans when the shell is removed. On the basis of similar products in foreign countries, it can also be used as a standard for the middle of a longer exhaust duct, and the axial fan can be determined through model testing. The column base structure is taken over. At the same time, the engine has been improved to reduce flow loss. The results show that the output of the axial fan increases from torus to 77% and from toroidal to 89.5%, and the noise increases. Compared with the sound, it is reduced by 3.6 decibels, which enhances the strength of the leaf roots and avoids the phenomenon of leaf breakage.

 The main forms of single-phase axial fans are as follows:

1. Single-stage wheel since there is no rear control panel, the winding speed kinetic energy at the outlet of the axial fan is not consumed. Simple structure, easy to manufacture, mainly used for low pressure axial flow fans. The specific speed range is generally 205-490, and the wheel hub is smaller than that of ordinary wheels.

2. Bug Heck diverter The fan has a rear diffuser at the rear of the wheel. The aim is to increase the pressure and efficiency of the fan by turning the components or the entire impeller outlet to the east. The specific speed of these axial fans is usually 90-305. If the axial fan is stopped or running, the axial fan can be moved into the groove. If the fan stops or runs, the fan can be moved to the slot. Change the working state by changing the mounting angle of the wheels.

3. Front diverter Rotor The front of the fan has a guide shaft that adjusts the installation angle of the blade and fixes the installation angle of the blade. To create a negative winding speed before the wheel inlet, the winding speed of the wheel outlet airflow is equal to nul. With the deterioration of the front shunt speed and the impeller input current pressure field, the average relative speed of the impeller increases, the loss of the axial fan increases, and the efficiency decreases. In addition, the noise of these shaft fans will also increase.

4. Front shunt treadmill Post shunt The characteristics of the axial fan are: high pressure, low overall pressure coefficient of single-stage axial fan, such as 0.33-0.84; the front rail adjustment structure is simple, the adjustment is simple, the automatic adjustment is simple, and the economy of the axial fan operation is improved. The disadvantage is that the axial size of the axial fan is large and the noise is large.

There are many types of ventilation systems, the natural price is different, the effect is extraordinary, why the large axial fan is different from other axial fans, let us understand the difference between the axial fan and other axial fans.

Roof axial fans and ordinary axial fans are two kinds of axial fans widely used in industry. What is the difference between these two fans? The biggest difference between them is the difference in structure. Let's see how they differ structurally. 

Axial fans typically consist of an impeller, housing, collector and generator. The impeller consists of blades and hubs, and the housing consists of a wind drum, frame plates, and brackets. The diameter of the axial fan blades is limited to the diameter of the housing. Axial fans are usually composed of impellers, housings, collectors, motors and gear parts (such as spindles, belts, bearings, V-belts, etc.), and the impeller is composed of a wheel, blades (the number of blades is 8-16), wheel covers and axle discs. Centrifugal fans can choose between front and rear hubs and require more air flow and pressure. It can also be used for noise measurements, with clear advantages over noise targets.

Axial fans are characterized by low pressure and large flow rates. Pressure waves can be divided into high pressure (500-5000pa) and low pressure (below 500pa). Low pressure is mainly used for ventilation in general places.

Axial fans are generally installed at the entrance and exit of air conditioners. The kettle axial flow fan and the axial flow fan are located in a complex installation direction. Axial fans are usually installed on the side of the channel or before the channel outlet.

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