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Material selection and design of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, explosion-proof centrifugal fan

    Under different working conditions, different types of centrifugal fans are often needed.Considering these use requirements, when designing and manufacturing high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, explosion-proof and wear-resistant centrifugal fans, the materials used generally need to be selected according to the requirements of special purposes.

    For example, in practical application, if centrifugal fan equipment is mainly used to transport some high temperature gas, then the change of materials under high temperature should be mainly considered, not general materials.This is because the mechanical properties of carbon steel decline rapidly when the temperature exceeds 300 degrees.So if the medium temperature exceeds this range, then it is recommended to choose heat-resistant materials.If the medium is greater than 700 degrees, high temperature resistant alloy steel should be selected, that is, pay attention to the selection of nickel, chromium steel.

    In addition, in some special working occasions, centrifugal fans with explosion-proof effect may be needed.Usually this kind of fan is mainly used to transport some gas medium is carbon monoxide, petroleum gas, chemical gas and the medium contains flammable and explosive components.In order to avoid accidents, the casing of this kind of fan is generally made of steel plate, and the impeller is made of aluminum material, so that even if collision and friction occur, sparks will not cause accidents.

    It should be noted that if the medium conveyed by the centrifugal fan equipment is of high flammable and explosive grade, then the impeller and the casing must choose aluminum materials.

    In addition, in the operation process of centrifugal fan equipment, special attention may be paid to its reliability and stability.For example, in the case of certain dust, sand or particulate matter in the conveying medium, the dust removal device should be installed before the import. Otherwise, wear resistant centrifugal fan should be selected.

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