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The impeller category of the tunnel fan

 During the ventilation of the tunnel fan to achieve the inside and outside of the tunnel, the flowing air in the tunnel was first discharged through the impeller of the fan to the interior of the tunnel fan, and then passed through the motor and other processing. In the use of the impeller, the environment that needs to be faced is more complicated, and it is also directly contacting various objects. Therefore, in the use and maintenance of tunnel fans, the impeller of the tunnel fan is more critical.

 The impeller of the tunnel fan

 The impeller of the tunnel fan is usually made of stainless steel. The quality of stainless steel is mild, has a certain amount of corrosion resistance, and its use cost is also low.

 1: Austenite Stainless Steel

 There are a large amount of impurities in this type of stainless steel, including titanium, manganese, nitrogen, chromium, and in normal temperature, have good plasticity and flexibility, have antioxidant capabilities, have good comprehensive performance, generally high -end tunnel wind opportunities Use this type of stainless steel as their fan impeller.

 2: Iron Stainless Steel

 The content of metal chromium in iron stainless steel can reach one -third, and it has certain corrosiveness, but its mechanical properties are poor, and they will have a small range of deformation. The antioxidant capacity and the heat expansion coefficient are small. This type of stainless steel impeller is generally used in conventional tunnel fans.

 3: Martian Stainless Steel

 The hardness and strength of stainless steel here, relatively poor plasticity, good mechanical properties, and no corrosion in an acidic environment, and it is stable in physical properties in high temperature and low temperature. Use Marnex stainless steel as the material of their fan impeller.

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