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Component installation and construction method of tunnel fan

 1. Cooling fan solution, because the equipment and steel frame structure are large in size and heavy in weight, an 8-ton car is used for transportation, and a 12-ton crane is used for loading and unloading. In the tunnel construction, according to the specific conditions of the tunnel construction, special tools such as chain hoists, bucket elevators, and vibratory rollers can be used for transportation.

2. Axial flow fan installation, the basic construction sequence of civil type is: precise positioning, construction lofting, excavation of foundation pit, pavement foundation cushion, support point formwork and tube bundle rods, pouring concrete, turning surface, dismantling formwork, backfilling, Elevation lines and centerlines.

The installation method of the SDF tunnel fan is as follows, the installation of the electric air valve: the fan room adopts an inverted chain and an electric drive, and it is lifted in reverse. Outer diffuser and air duct installation: Outer diffuser and ventilation duct are hoisted by electric transmission system or guide chain, the support frame is made on the spot, the anchor bolts M10*25 are connected, and the fusion surface is sealed with 4mm thick vulcanized rubber strips . Conductive soft connection, reaming drill, safety net installation: The conductive soft connection is to connect the outer diffusion cylinder and the fan with each other based on the flange anchor bolts (M10*25). The safety protection net is connected with the adjustment door of the air inlet of the fan.

Tunnel fan installation: The acceptance of the project is based on the initial leveling of the pad machinery and equipment, the first grouting and the second grouting, and the pad specifications and installation positions meet the requirements.

According to its materials, there are the following classifications. According to the common materials, tunnel fans can be divided into casing fans (ordinary fans), FRP anti-corrosion fans, plastic fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fans and other types. Fans can be divided into centrifugal fans, axial flow fans, oblique flow (mixed teaching) and diffuse flow according to the direction of the cyclone. centrifugal fan. The cyclone enters the fan impeller radially, mainly axially. This type of fan is manufactured according to the principle of centrifugal action. Products include centrifugal fans, centrifugal fans and multi-stage centrifugal fans. Axial Fan. The airflow enters the fan impeller radially and flows roughly along the axis on the circle. Such fans include axial fans, axial fans and axial refrigeration compressors.

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