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What are the common problems of centrifugal fans?

 Fan selection, as well as the working principle of centrifugal fans, these have already been in the front, so the following will not explain these contents, but still spend some time and energy to explain some other aspects of the content, for example, in the use of centrifugal fans, what problems will we generally encounter? Once we encounter these problems, how should we deal with and deal with them? These are more important, for centrifugal fans, so below, Ryan Pu Electronics to elaborate on the common sense content it includes, so that we can better understand the centrifugal fan.

One of the common problems and aspects: the radial and axial gap of the air inlet horn and the impeller entrance, the radial and axial gap of the air inlet horn and the impeller entrance, generally there are strict requirements. Because if the gap is too small, the fan will oscillate during operation; But if the gap is too large, then it will affect the efficiency of the fan. Therefore, the gap should be suitable, neither too small nor too large.

Common problems and aspects of two: concrete foundation concrete foundation problems, mainly appear loose, or damage. The reason may be that the oscillation of the bearing seat is too large, and then the anchor bolt is loose or cracked, so that the foundation is loose or damaged. If you want to deal with this problem, you can increase the touch area between the bearing seat and the lower base, or reduce the force strength on the unit area of the base to deal with it, but the latter is more commonly used and is a relatively simple operation method. Common problems and aspects three: Part of the bearing seat cracking this problem, the main reason is that the fan oscillation is too large, or the wind blade wear severe caused by its fall off. If you want to deal with it, you can only replace the bearing seat so that you can completely

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