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Analysis of the development history of centrifuge

 A centrifuge is a mechanical fluid driven by mechanical energy that increases the pressure of a gas while transporting it. Centrifuges are widely used in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings for ventilation, dust removal and cooling; Ventilation and air conditioning of boilers and industrial furnaces; Air cooling and ventilation equipment and household appliances; Drying and selection of grains; Wind tunnel wind source and hovercraft and extension. Now let the telecommunication machine factory to tell you about the development history of centrifuge. In 1862, the British Gerber invented the centrifuge, impeller and shell concentric circle, the shell is brick, impeller adopts straight back blade, efficiency is only about 40%, mainly used for mine ventilation.

In 1880, coal mine ventilation volute and centrifugal fan with curved blade were designed. The structure of centrifuge is relatively perfect. Cross fan developed in France in 1892; 1898, Ireland for the SAN Siro Stadium left before the offset centrifugal fan, and widely used in the country; In the 19th century, the explosion has been applied in mine ventilation and axial flow fan of metallurgy industry, but the pressure is only 100 ~ 300 kPa, only 15 ~ 25% efficiency, until the twentieth century the rapid development of the 40 s. In 1935, Germany first adopted boiler pressure and fan axial flow fan; 1948. Adjustable dynamic operation of axial fan blades made in Denmark; Meridional acceleration fan, axial flow fan, oblique flow fan and cross flow fan; 2002, China explosion-proof centrifuge.

It has been widely used in petrochemical, machinery and other fields. Lindong explosion-proof centrifugal fan has been developed successfully. Centrifuges are auxiliary production equipment for stone processing enterprises, mainly used for ventilation and dust removal devices, such as stone cutting and polishing process of cyclone and bag dust collector all use centrifugal fan production site dust treatment, to ensure that the production environment is clean, protect the health of producers. Fan is a kind of high energy consumption equipment, in a large proportion of stone processing center fan power consumption resources, and the current energy shortage and high efficiency working face application, energy saving and consumption reduction has become a common concern of stone production enterprises, many enterprises stone production to reduce fan power consumption is an important work at present. In order to reduce in addition to improving the efficiency of the fan itself fan power consumption, the reasonable selection method of adjusting the fan is the most important, because the stone production load, with the changing needs of technology and time, most fans according to the host load often adjust the flow. At present, stone processing enterprises fan energy saving adjustment method is relatively old. When throttling the flow of the fan is mainly through the regulating valve or throttle baffle to adjust the fan section, low load even when the throttle valve is more than 50%, due to the existence of throttling loss and deviated from the efficient operation, energy waste is very serious. If the fan speed is adjusted, the throttling loss can be eliminated, and the fan can always work in the effective area, greatly saving power. It can be said that adjusting the fan running speed is an effective way to save energy. Reflects the current building materials industry new trend.

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