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The function and use of centrifugal fan

    Centrifugal fans are widely used in boilers and industrial furnaces.They mainly play the role of ventilation and wind, on the one hand to ensure the environment of the boiler room or industrial kiln, on the other hand to allow the replacement of oxygen-rich air, so that the firepower of the boiler or kiln is more fierce, to a certain extent, save coal and other power resources, reduce the production cost of enterprises.
    In the factory, the workshop, warehouse and other departments are equipped with centrifugal fans, they play a role in ventilation, ensure fresh air in the workshop, help to purify the working environment and the health of employees.At the same time, the factory warehouse is equipped with centrifugal fans and dry air to ensure the original quality of mechanical equipment or other industrial products.
    Centrifugal fans are equipped in the mines and tunnels to ensure the circulation of air in the mines and tunnels, the re-entry of fresh air, and the discharge of dirty air, so as to ensure the health of the workers and people in the mines and tunnels.The cooling tower is equipped with centrifugal fans, which not only plays a role in ventilation and ensures the normal operation of the cooling tower, but also plays a positive role in improving the cooling effect of the cooling tower by the large flow of air generated by the centrifugal fans.

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