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What are the common faults of SDS tunnel fan

 Today, we will bring you a common failure of SDS tunnel fan. This can know what it is and how to use it properly and reasonably. Then, it can achieve full use of the fan to avoid problems such as product waste.

The SDS tunnel fan is also called tunnel firewood, tunnel fan, and firewood fan. It is widely used in the specific application of tunnels such as water conservancy engineering dam engineering projects, roads, railways, and subway stations. Let's take a look at what common faults are common in tunnel fans today.

In the work of coal corporate fan, there are often different sizes of material in material work. In addition, the appearance design is different, such as the involved fan of the dust device and the power conveying system of the dust removal equipment. Because this kind of fan works in the dust cyclone, the dust and dust particles in the cyclone not only cause wear on the fan, but also adhere to the dust on the blanket blades. This wear and accumulation of dust are all uneven. It is necessary to cause damage to the balance of the fan motor rotor, cause the fan to vibrate, and reduce the service life of the fan. The SDS tunnel fan is more serious about the wear of the fan blades. It not only damages the characteristics of the things in the fan, but also stimulates the heavy work such as the breaks of the blades and the speed of the speed.

The wear of the transmission system is generally the shortcomings of the fan. Among them, they collect rolling bearing positions such as rolling bearing such as various mechanical parts, rollers, reducers, motors, pumps, etc. Machine production processing is easy to cause material damage, resulting in component deformation or rupture, and great limitations; fixed compilation of electrical plating and re -mechanical processing of painting often must be foreign associations. The raw materials are still metal composite materials. The SDS tunnel fan cannot fundamentally deal with the notice that causes wear (the metal material resistance and compromise capacity are weak); many components only use the fees to dismantle and exchange, which greatly improves the manufacturing costs And inventory accessories.

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