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What are the consequences of the poor operation of the fan and the air duct?

 The use of a fan is to discharge and ventilate, so each part is very important. The air duct we call is a channel for air circulation for air circulation. It can also be said to play a key role in ventilation of fan. If the wind duct is not running well and there is a problem with the fans itself, what will happen? What are the consequences of the poor operation of the fan and the air duct?



If the guidelines are worn after the campaign, and the core cylinder connection is reduced, it will cause a significant vibration of the campaign. The vibration of smoke and air duct generally causes the vibration of the ventilator. The bearing box flow of the wind machine is on the core cylinder, and the core cylinder is linked by the fans and the flow support links on the campaign case. With the increase of loads, the decentralization of the fan inlet inlet is increasing, and the air output increases, and the vibration will be changed.





After the examination of the outside of the tunnel fan, the bearing box connection, the rear guide, the case, and the core cylinder were excellent, and it was not found to have the wear of the loosening agent wear. After inspection, it was found that the vibration of the inlet box of the campaign was as high as 160 silk meters. From this, the tight score of the screw of the wind machine to form a tightening score formed the vibration of the wind machine. When the fan case is not well connected with the foundation of the air duct, it will form a poor roots in the roots, the screw of the ground foot, the loosening of the cushion, and the lack of strong machine -to -seat connection.

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