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What is the difference between a tunnel firewood fan?

 The air blower and induced draft fan are the two categories in the fan. The tunnel jet fan belongs to an air blower fan, which is clearly clear. So what is an air compressor? The air compressor is a fan of the power source of gas -kimneoning machines. It also has a relatively obvious difference from a fan. This experienced staff can be distinguished at a glance, but many people cannot distinguish between the differences between the two. Essence What is the difference between a tunnel radi fans?

The air compressor is the title of the "air compressor". It is used in a tightening gas. Its role is the same as that of the pneumatic cylinder for your bicycle tires, but it can be regarded as a heavy phee that can occur. Low -pressure gas can occur. The pressure is much higher than the pressure that the bicycle pump can occur. The hair dryer is used for air supply. The principle is the same as the electric fan at home. It can be regarded as a heavy public electric fan.


The volume type is divided into two types: reply type and rotary type; the progress type can be divided into two types of shaft flow, centrifugal and mixed -current.

What is the difference between a tunnel firewood fan? The Ruz fan is a type of rotary type in the volume -type gas compressor. The gas compressor is divided into two categories, one is the volume type, and the other is the progress type. Tunnel shooting fan

The inner cavity of the Roots fan does not need light oil oil, it is easy to structure, run bumps, and stable functions. The Roots fan is a volume fan, and the amount of air from the guarantee is contrasting with the rotation. The three -leaf leaf wheels are rotated by two impeller three times to stop suction and exhaust. Compared with the two -leaf type, the pulse of the gas is small, the vibration is also small, and the noise is low. The impeller and flat -rounded shell on the two shafts of the fan are always maintained between the cavadic surface of the impeller -ending of the wind turbine between the end of the end cover and between the fans. Wall protection in the body is sent to the discharged side.

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