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What should mining fan manufacturers pay attention to when conducting fan test operation?

 If the fan manufacturer finds any abnormality during the experiment, it should be adjusted in time. During the whole experiment process, all professionals should be on duty to ensure the safety of equipment operation. If the mining fan manufacturer operates the fan and its system air duct to vibrate violently, and the operating parameters obviously exceed the standard, the debugger should immediately order the fan to stop running, suspend debugging, analyze the cause and propose a solution, and then continue the equipment debugging.

Garbage and sundries around the equipment have been removed, and scaffolding has been removed. Ensure that the trial operation site is clean, with good lighting and smooth communication. All scaffolding hindering the commissioning work has been removed. It is forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials near the test site, and complete fire-fighting facilities should be equipped. Exposed rotating parts should be equipped with protective covers or fences.

Mining fan manufacturers must pay attention to monitoring the changes in fan oil pressure, oil temperature, bearing temperature and vibration to avoid vicious accidents such as burning tiles. During the trial operation of the fan, all personnel must not stay in the tangential direction of the fan rotation. Before the test run, the insulation of the motor is qualified, and the motor can only be started after the accident button operates normally. Arrange to sort out the sundries in the flue, air duct, dust collector and furnace, and carry out inspection and inspection. Pay special attention to the absence of hard slag such as welding rods in the air inlet pipe of the boiler induced draft fan. Clean up welds, coatings and slag, and seal all manholes and inspection holes in the fume and air systems.

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